When the Dialogue is Positive, Amazing Happens

When the Dialogue is Positive, Amazing Happens
Posted on 01/23/2018
Wolf Canyon students hold posters with positive messages in front of their school.

It was a beautiful day in Chula Vista recently, and not just because the weather was perfect. Students and staff from Wolf Canyon Elementary greeted parents after school with signs such as, It’s Going to Be All Right, Trust Yourself, and Life is Good. Beautiful, in fact.

The good vibes were part of the Happiness Sprinkling Project, a national movement to spread messages of happiness and optimism. The movement was started in 2012 by Laura Lavigne of the Anacortes Center for Happiness in Washington state. For the Wolf Canyon event, the messages to motorists and pedestrians also included phrases such as, You are Delightful, You ARE a Good Parent, Life is Good, and Tell Them You Love Them.

Wolf Canyon Principal Debra McLaren heard about the movement at a conference. “When I saw the Sprinkling Happiness Campaign that was going on nationwide, I said we have to do this, especially in light of all the negative things happening in our country and in our world,” McLaren said. “I really wanted to start the new year off with happiness.

She reached out to the faculty advisors of the school’s K-Kids, the elementary arm of Kiwanis. “They jumped on the opportunity. We were all really excited to be a part of this,” McLaren recalled.Students shared positive messages, Sprinkling Happiness, at recent event.

When the day finally arrived to Sprinkle Happiness, teacher Janice Sullivan was amazed at the response. “All of the children really rose to the occasion,” Sullivan said. “Just seeing it in action was just amazing. It was so positive, and happy. The children were really involved. Like Ms. McLaren said, it was a chance to start the new year with something positive.”

The idea has also spread to other schools in the Chula Vista Elementary School District. That’s not a surprise to teacher Ziphorah Hernandez. “As a school community, our group leaders agree that we are bombarded with negativity from current events and media sources. We want people to know we care and want to start the year promoting positive feelings and happiness for all,” Hernandez said.

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